Americans Finding Themselves Powerless to Stop Pipeline Companies From Taking Their Land

Unable to deny right of away for new Enbridge pipeline in Michigan, homeowners see their American dream overtaken ‘by an invading army’ on their property.

David Hasemyer

The distant rumbling starts about the time David Gallagher pours his first cup of coffee in the morning.
It’s a signal that work crews from Enbridge Inc. are beginning another day of construction on an underground pipeline that will someday carry 21 million gallons of heavy crude oil a day just 14 feet from his Ceresco, Mich. home.

By the time Gallagher settles into his favorite chair and sets his cup on the living room table, the parade of bulldozers, backhoes and trucks is grinding past just a few feet from his picture windows. The trembling sets off little seismic waves in his coffee.

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