25 Fossil Fuel Producers Responsible for Half Global Emissions in Past 3 Decades


CDP traced the greenhouse gas emissions of 100 oil, coal and gas companies, together linked to 71% of emissions since 1988. Exxon is high on the Carbon Majors list. By Georgina Gustin A handful of big fossil fuel producers have been responsible for the majority of global greenhouse gas emissions in the years since climate change seized the world’s attention as a looming crisis, according to a new report issued today. When emissions from agriculture and land-use changes are taken out of the equation, a mere 25 producers account for just over half of emissions in the past three decades, the report says. The top 100 account for 71 percent of these industrial emissions. See Also: Exxon: The Road Not Taken Exxon Shareholders Approve Climate Resolution: 62% Vote for Disclosure With Bare Knuckles and Big Dollars, Exxon Fights Climate Probe to a Legal Stalemate Oil and Gas Drilling on Federal Land Headed for Faster Approvals, Zinke Says Ranking Oil Companies by Climate Risk: Exxon Is Near the Top read more


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